Q: Is my order/auction ready for pickup?
A: If you've chosen to pick your order up at the store, please wait until you've received a phone call from our team. This allows our team to process and pick your order. This is especially the case with NHL auctions. Please allow up to three days processing before inquiring on such orders. Our team is always available to check the status of your order.

Q: Can you take pictures with the athlete?
A: While not guaranteed, we always do our best to try and get our fans who purchase an autograph ticket, a photo with the athlete at the event. However, photos are up the athlete and may be cut due to crowd size and timing.

Q: Is an autograph included in Photo-Op tickets?
A: No. A photo-op ticket is only for the photo with the athlete. A regular ticket is required on top of the photo-op price in order to get an autograph on your photo. 

Q: Will you guys authenticate my signed item?

A: A.J. Sports World does not authenticate items unless one of our representatives witnesses the signing. Our third party company of choice is JSA www.spenceloa.com for anything we need authenticated. You can ship items to them in the USA but JSA does send representatives to Toronto twice a year to authenticate items for local clients.

Q: Does my purchase come with a Certificate of Authenticity? 

All items come with a COA and matching authentication hologram. As we compete with many people who sell fake memorabilia, A.J. Sports encourages fans to be skeptical about the product the buy. Please remember a COA in only worth the value of the paper it is printed on unless you know about the source of the COA and the company. A.J. Sports conducts our own autograph signings. We have been, and continue to be, a leader in the industry for nearly 20 years.

Q: Do you buy cards and memorabilia.
A: We do buy certain items but it would totally depend on: What you have for sale, which company has authenticated the signatures and what price you are hoping to receive.

Q: What jersey sizes do you have in stock?
A: In most cases, when the athletes sign with us we get them to sign the Jersey Numbers and then, as needed, have the autographed numbers professionally sewn on jerseys. Almost all of the pro jerseys we use are size 50, 52 or 54. Almost all of the replica jerseys we use are size Large or XL. However, we do not list or guarantee a specific size because we sell them as a collectible rather than clothing. In the case where a customer wants a specific size, we are happy to try and accommodate if the stock is available. Shipping time may be delayed due to sewing process.