• Each autograph fee is good for one autograph on one item.
  • You can have your own item signed or purchase one of our items to have signed.
  • You can send in or drop off your own item to be signed.
  • Regular items include: Small photos, pucks, cards, books, toys, and similar items.
  • Premium items include: Jerseys, photos larger than 16x20, art canvases, sticks, equipment, and similar items.
  • Items Excluded: jersey numbers, unlicensed jerseys, bulky items due to shipping.
  • AJ Authentication hologram will be attached to all items after the signing.
  • If you are shipping an item, please include a send in form in your package.



Most autograph events include hundreds of one of a kind signatures:

  • AJ Sports is not responsible and will not discount for minor imperfections.
  • AJ Sports is not responsible for any lesser quality autographs on send in items.
  • AJ Sports is not responsible for minor wear or damage common with handling an item.
  • AJ Sports will only be responsible up to a maximum of the cost of the autograph on the order for major damage or loss in shipping. If your item is valuable, please purchase separate insurance.
  • AJ Sports cannot not guarantee to send back markers, documents or exact holders sent in with items.


Each celebrity is a unique human and will have different approach to signings:

  • All celebrities reserve the right to refuse to sign any item.
  • All celebrities reserve the right to refuse, change or shorten any inscription.
  • All celebrities reserve the change or shorten any personalization.
  • Inscriptions or personalization must be obtained at the same time as the autograph and cannot be added to previously signed items.
  • We cannot refund or discount orders due to changes made by the celebrity.
  • AJ Sports is not responsible for any costs for any items that the celebrity refuses to sign.


  • Orders must be received by the date listed in the event details. If we sell out of a photo a similar one will be chosen.
  • Items received after the signing will be returned at the customer's expense.
  • Shipping costs will be added to all items that need to be shipped back.
  • Payment for the autograph fee must made prior to the signing.
  • Each event is based around celebrity schedule and dates are subject to change.
  • In the case of a postponement, orders will be held until the signing can take place.
  • Orders not picked up within 60 days of signing will have shipping charged and sent out.
  • US customers are responsible for all duties, taxes, and brokerage fees.
  • Orders from Canadian customers are subject to applicable sales taxes.
  • No refunds for any reason on pre order autographed items or service.