It was April when I first spoke with representatives from Newport Sports Management about the opportunity to present an offer for an exclusive autograph agreement with young client, Connor Bedard. I was excited. Rarely does a player come along where writers and scouts use words like "superstar", "phenom" and "generational".

As the owner and president of AJ Sports World, I have been fortunate to work exclusively with a number of top prospects, and future superstars, heading into their NHL draft year. AJ Sports has a history of seeking out young talent and I believe that Connor Bedard can be a truly special athlete.

After time to evaluate multiple offers, Chris Feniak, director of marketing and business development, advised me the Bedard family had selected AJ Sports as their exclusive memorabilia partner. AJ Sports is the first company to sign an endorsement agreement with Connor Bedard and we are excited to help fans experience his hockey journey and rise to the top of the 2023 draft.

Personally, I am looking forward to being able to share the experience with my son who will not remember the last time we had an exclusive agreement with a top prospect. Follow our journey as we head to Regina for the first signing.

Hope you enjoy, Andrew Goldfarb
AJ Sports

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September 27, 2021 — Andrew Goldfarb


Jared said:

I love this, happy to see your love for sports and memorabilia being passed down while spending some quality time. Hope the trip is great.

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